Keyboard input emulation module

Automate typing keys to an active window by calling SendKeys method. You can use any Unicode characters (on Windows) and some special keys listed below. The module is also available on Linux.

Available key codes:

{BACK}, {VK_HOME}, {F23}, {F22}, {F21}, {F20}, {VK_HANGEUL}, {VK_KANJI},
{VK_PA1}, {VK_NONAME}, {VK_LCONTROL}, {ZOOM}, {VK_ATTN}, {VK_F10}, {VK_F22},
{VK_F23}, {VK_F20}, {VK_F21}, {VK_SCROLL}, {TAB}, {VK_F11}, {VK_END},
{F3}, {F4}, {F5}, {F6}, {F7}, {F8}, {F9}, {VK_ADD}, {VK_RCONTROL},
{RMENU}, {VK_F3}, {VK_F2}, {VK_F1}, {VK_F7}, {VK_F6}, {VK_F5}, {VK_CRSEL},
{F18}, {F19}, {ESC}, {VK_MULTIPLY}, {F12}, {F13}, {F10}, {F11}, {F16},
{F17}, {F14}, {F15}, {F24}, {RIGHT}, {VK_F24}, {VK_CAPITAL}, {VK_LBUTTON},
{VK_F19}, {VK_EXECUTE}, {VK_PLAY}, {VK_RMENU}, {VK_F13}, {VK_F12}, {LWIN},
{VK_DOWN}, {VK_F17}, {VK_F16}, {VK_F15}, {VK_F14}


  • '+': {VK_SHIFT}
  • '^': {VK_CONTROL}
  • '%': {VK_MENU} a.k.a. Alt key

Example how to use modifiers:

SendKeys('^a^c') # select all (Ctrl+A) and copy to clipboard (Ctrl+C)
SendKeys('+{INS}') # insert from clipboard (Shift+Ins)
SendKeys('%{F4}') # close an active window with Alt+F4

Repetition count can be specified for special keys. {ENTER 2} says to press Enter twice.