(listed in reverse chronological order)

Vasily Ryabov, Valentin Kroupkin, Alexander Rumyantsev - MS UI Automation backend implementation

Ivan Magazinnik - mouse/keyboard input emulation on Linux

Maxim Samokhvalov - initial implementation of win32_hooks module

Intel Corporation - Vasily Ryabov revived and maintained the project during his work at Intel (pywinauto 0.5.x)

Valentin Kroupkin (airelil) - continuous integration (AppVeyor), many unit tests improvements (pywinauto 0.5.x)

Michael Herrmann - bug fixes, project maintenance (0.4.x)

Raghav - idea with using metaclass for finding wrapper

Daisuke Yamashita - Bugs/suggestions for 2.5 that MenuWrapper.GetProperties() returns a list rather then a dict

Dalius Dobravolskas - Help on the forums and prompted major improvements on the wait* functionality

Jeff Winkler - Early encouragement, creation of screencasts

Stefaan Himpe - Lots of speed and stability improvements early on