Missalignment Test

What is checked This test checks that if a set of controls were aligned on a particular axis in the reference dialog that they are all aligned on the same axis.

How is it checked A list of all the reference controls that are aligned is created (ie more than one control with the same Top, Left, Bottom or Right coordinates). These controls are then analysed in the localised dialog to make sure that they are all aligned on the same axis.

When is a bug reported A bug is reported when any of the controls that were aligned in the reference dialog are no longer aligned in the localised control.

Bug Extra Information The bug contains the following extra information Name Description AlignmentType This is either LEFT, TOP, RIGHT or BOTTOM. It tells you how the controls were aligned in the reference dialog. String AlignmentRect Gives the smallest rectangle that surrounds ALL the controls concerned in the bug, rectangle

Is Reference dialog needed This test cannot be performed without the reference control. It is required to see which controls should be aligned.

False positive bug reports It is quite possible that this test reports false positives: 1. Where the controls only just happen to be aligned in the reference dialog (by coincidence) 2. Where the control does not have a clear boundary (for example static labels or checkboxes) they may be miss-aligned but it is not noticeable that they are not.

Test Identifier The identifier for this test/bug is “Missalignment”


Run the test on the windows passed in