Implementation of Application class for Linux platform.

class pywinauto.linux.application.Application(backend='atspi', allow_magic_lookup=True)

Bases: pywinauto.base_application.BaseApplication


Connect to an already running process

The action is performed according to only one of parameters

  • pid – a process ID of the target
  • path – a path used to launch the target

See also

pywinauto.findwindows.find_elements() - the keyword arguments that are also can be used instead of pid or path


Return CPU usage percent during specified number of seconds


Checks that process is running.

Can be called before start/connect.

Returns True if process is running otherwise - False


Try to close and kill the application

Dialogs may pop up asking to save data - but the application will be killed anyway - you will not be able to click the buttons. This should only be used when it is OK to kill the process like you would do in task manager.

start(cmd_line, timeout=None, retry_interval=None, create_new_console=False, wait_for_idle=True, work_dir=None)

Start the application as specified by cmd_line