Cross-platform module to emulate mouse events like a real user'left', coords=(0, 0))

Click at the specified coordinates

pywinauto.mouse.double_click(button='left', coords=(0, 0))

Double click at the specified coordinates

pywinauto.mouse.move(coords=(0, 0), duration=0.0)

Move the mouse'left', coords=(0, 0))

Press the mouse button

pywinauto.mouse.release(button='left', coords=(0, 0))

Release the mouse button

pywinauto.mouse.right_click(coords=(0, 0))

Right click at the specified coords

pywinauto.mouse.scroll(coords=(0, 0), wheel_dist=1)

Do mouse wheel

pywinauto.mouse.wheel_click(coords=(0, 0))

Middle mouse button click at the specified coords