ComboBox dropped height Test

What is checked It is ensured that the height of the list displayed when the combobox is dropped down is not less than the height of the reference.

How is it checked The value for the dropped rectangle can be retrieved from windows. The height of this rectangle is calculated and compared against the reference height.

When is a bug reported If the height of the dropped rectangle for the combobox being checked is less than the height of the reference one then a bug is reported.

Bug Extra Information There is no extra information associated with this bug type

Is Reference dialog needed The reference dialog is necessary for this test.

False positive bug reports No false bugs should be reported. If the font of the localised control has a smaller height than the reference then it is possible that the dropped rectangle could be of a different size.

Test Identifier The identifier for this test/bug is “ComboBoxDroppedHeight”


Check if each combobox height is the same as the reference