Translation Test

What is checked This checks for controls which appear not to be translated.

How is it checked It compares the text of the localised and reference controls.

If there are more than string in the control then each item is searched for in the US list of titles (so checking is not order dependent). The indices for the untranslated strings are returned in a comma separated string. Also the untranslated strings themselves are returned (all as one string). These strings are not escaped and are delimited as “string1”,”string2”,...”stringN”.

When is a bug reported

If the text of the localised control is identical to the reference control (in case, spacing i.e. a binary compare) then it will be flagged as untranslated. Otherwise the control is treated as translated.

Note: This is the method to return the least number of bugs. If there are differences in any part of the string (e.g. a path or variable name) but the rest of the string is untranslated then a bug will not be highlighted

Bug Extra Information The bug contains the following extra information Name Description Strings The list of the untranslated strings as explained above StringIndices The list of indices (0 based) that are untranslated. This will usually be 0 but if there are many strings in the control untranslated it will report ALL the strings e.g. 0,2,5,19,23

Is Reference dialog needed The reference dialog is always necessary.

False positive bug reports False positive bugs will be reported in the following cases. - The title of the control stays the same as the US because the translation is the same as the English text(e.g. Name: in German) - The title of the control is not displayed (and not translated). This can sometimes happen if the programmer displays something else on the control after the dialog is created.

Test Identifier The identifier for this test/bug is “Translation”


Returns just one bug for each control