Repeated Hotkeys Test

What is checked This test checks all the controls in a dialog to see if there are controls that use the same hotkey character.

How is it checked A list of all the hotkeys (converted to uppercase) used in the dialog is created. Then this list is examined to see if any hotkeys are used more than once. If any are used more than once a list of all the controls that use this hotkey are compiled to be used in the bug report.

When is a bug reported If more than one control has the same hotkey then a bug is reported.

Bug Extra Information The bug contains the following extra information Name Description RepeatedHotkey This is the hotkey that is repeated between the 2 controls converted to uppercase, String CharsUsedInDialog This is a list of all the hotkeys used in the dialog, String AllCharsInDialog This is a list of all the characters in the dialog for controls that have a hotkeys, String AvailableInControlS A list of the available characters for each control. Any of the characters in this list could be used as the new hotkey without conflicting with any existing hotkey.

Is Reference dialog needed The reference dialog does not need to be available. If it is available then for each bug discovered it is checked to see if it is a problem in the reference dialog. NOTE: Checking the reference dialog is not so exact here! Only when the equivalent controls in the reference dialog all have the hotkeys will it be reported as being in the reference also. I.e. if there are 3 controls with the same hotkey in the Localised software then those same controls in the reference dialog must have the same hotkey for it to be reported as existing in the reference also.

False positive bug reports There should be very few false positives from this test. Sometimes a control only has one or 2 characters eg “X:” and it is impossible to avoid a hotkey clash. Also for Asian languages hotkeys should be the same as the US software so probably this test should be run on those languages.

Test Identifier The identifier for this test/bug is “RepeatedHotkey”


Return the position and character of the hotkey


checks whether a control interprets & character to be a hotkey


Return the repeated hotkey errors