Miscellaneous Control properties Test

What is checked This checks various values related to a control in windows. The values tested are class_name The class type of the control style The Style of the control (GetWindowLong) exstyle The Extended Style of the control (GetWindowLong) help_id The Help ID of the control (GetWindowLong) control_id The Control ID of the control (GetWindowLong) user_data The User Data of the control (GetWindowLong) Visibility Whether the control is visible or not

How is it checked After retrieving the information for the control we compare it to the same information from the reference control.

When is a bug reported If the information does not match then a bug is reported.

Bug Extra Information The bug contains the following extra information Name Description ValueType What value is incorrect (see above), String Ref The reference value converted to a string, String Loc The localised value converted to a string, String

Is Reference dialog needed This test will not run if the reference controls are not available.

False positive bug reports Some values can change easily without any bug being caused, for example User Data is actually meant for programmers to store information for the control and this can change every time the software is run.

Test Identifier The identifier for this test/bug is “MiscValues”


Return the bugs from checking miscelaneous values of a control