Compare against reference font test

What is checked This test checks all the parameters of the font for the control against the font for the reference control. If any value is different then this is reported as a bug. Here is a list of all the possible values that are tested: lfFaceName The name of the font lfHeight The height of the font lfWidth Average width of characters lfEscapement Angle of text lfOrientation Another angle for the text! lfWeight How bold the text is lfItalic If the font is italic lfUnderline If the font is underlined lfStrikeOut If the font is struck out lfCharSet The character set of the font lfOutPrecision The output precision lfClipPrecision The clipping precision lfQuality The output quality lfPitchAndFamily The pitch and family

How is it checked Each property of the font for the control being tested is compared against the equivalent property of the reference control font for equality.

When is a bug reported For each property of the font that is not identical to the reference font a bug is reported. So for example if the Font Face has changed and the text is bold then (at least) 2 bugs will be reported.

Bug Extra Information The bug contains the following extra information Name Description ValueType What value is incorrect (see above), String Ref The reference value converted to a string, String Loc The localised value converted to a string, String

Is Reference dialog needed This test will not run if the reference controls are not available.

False positive bug reports Running this test for Asian languages will result in LOTS and LOTS of false positives, because the font HAS to change for the localised text to display properly.

Test Identifier The identifier for this test/bug is “CompareToRefFont”


Compare the font to the font of the reference control