Different number of special character sequences Test

What is checked This test checks to make sure that certain special character sequences appear the in the localised if they appear in the reference title strings. These strings usually mean something to the user but the software internally does not care if they exist or not. The list that is currently checked is: “>>”, “>”, “<<”, “<”, ”:”(colon), ”...”, “&&”, “&”, “”

How is it checked For each of the string to check for we make sure that if it appears in the reference that it also appears in the localised title.

When is a bug reported
  • If the reference has one of the text strings but the localised does not a bug is reported.
  • If the localised has one of the text strings but the reference does not a bug is reported.

Bug Extra Information The bug contains the following extra information

MissingOrExtra Whether the characters are missing or extra from the controls being check as compared to the reference, (String with following possible values)

  • “MissingCharacters” The characters are in the reference but not in the localised.
  • “ExtraCharacters” The characters are not in the reference but are in the localised.

MissingOrExtraText What character string is missing or added, String

Is Reference dialog needed This test will not run if the reference controls are not available.

False positive bug reports Currently this test is at a beta stage filtering of the results is probably necessary at the moment.

Test Identifier The identifier for this test/bug is “MissingExtraString”


Return the errors from running the test